Taking steps towards greater independence

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Since 2007 we have worked with a wide range of partners, including probation services, drug and alcohol recovery services and social services, to help vulnerable people live safe healthy lives.

Our committed, skilled team supports them to make positive lifestyle choices and move towards greater independence.

Our written feedback

“I would like to say a special thank you to all of you – for the first time in 2 years I have some stability and a safe place to call home… so thank you very much for seeing the good in me and giving me a chance.”

Cilent A, care leaver, rape victim who was sleeping rough often in a police station doorway on Teesside

“Thank you for helping me through all this. Your so amazing. Without you I couldn’t do this.”

Client B, formerly at Marsh House now living in a ROC Solid house with support

“To all of youse….thanks again for everything!”

Client C, alcohol issues, child removed, now recovered and living independently of ROC Solid

“I would like to say a big massiv THANK YOU for all the support youse have give me, and also for picking me back up when I have fell down.”

Client D, past resident, serious long term drug use, stayed twice and now in hostel still addicted.